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Jellyfish Tank

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Product Description

Sorry, this item has now been discontinued. It has been replaced by the even more realistic Neon Jellyfish Tank, please click here.

Most people, at some point in their lives, will have a pet goldfish. The trouble with goldfish though is that they need looking after. You constantly have to feed them, clean the tanks, clean the water and even when you do all that, you often find them floating at the top the next morning!

Well we offer you a much cooler alternative pet in the form of the Jellyfish Mood Tank. They never need feeding, don’t make any mess, and even if they’re neglected for days on end, they will still be as good as the first day you bought them! Their secret is that they’re not real! These artificial little pets will fool everyone that sees them as they have a realistic jellyfish movement, gliding effortlessly round the tank. 

This isn’t just one of the best low maintenance pets around; the Jellyfish Tank also doubles as a mood light with 6 LED’s that shine down through the water. You can have the tank blending through a great range of colours or simply stop it when the desired shade is reached. 

Goldfish are well and truly battered!

Just one of our many low maintenance pet gadgets. Too many jellyfish for you? Check out the small version mini jellyfish tank

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Product Features

  • Large but slim artificial Jellyfish tank
  • Realistic Jellyfish movement
  • No cleaning or feeding required
  • Multiple LEDs for mood light option
  • Continuous blending colour cycle or static colour mode
  • Optional plant accessories
  • Auto off after 4 hours.
  • Mains powered
  • Measures approx. 45cm x 8cm x 24cm

Technical Specifications

  • For best results use distilled water (approx. 5 litres)


  • 1 x Jellyfish Tank
  • 7 x Jellyfish
  • 6 x Plant accessories
  • 1 x adaptor mains

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Water Jets not working - Review by Jessica

My mum has had this for a while, it's been brilliant and looks amazing! However it started making noises, we got it swapped and the new one was fine for a while, however it then again same as the other one started making noises. We ignored it as it wasn't really much of a problem, however the water jets now do not work at all, does anybody know how to fix this?

RED5 says: “Hi there Jessica, Oh no! Sorry to hear your mum has another faulty one. Please contact our awesome customer service team and they will get this sorted for you right away.”

A quick way to get the jellyfish to sink....... - Review by Paul

Like many others I found there was a problem with getting the jellyfish to sink. They formed a clump at the top. And all were filled with tiny air bubbles clinging to the inside of the dome

My quick solution? Get a long handled wooden spoon and use it to force each to the bottom in turn, with the handle inside the jellyfish. Once you have it on the bottom wiggle it from side to side and the little air bubbles will detach. It worked for me! I guess you would need to be careful not to be too vigorous in case you tear the membrane, but I had them all moving properly, up and down around the tank, in a few minutes.

The spoon is also useful for dislodging air bubbles on the inside of the tank.

Beautiful - Review by Jemma

This is so beautiful and relaxing and the jellyfish look so real I could watch it for hours.

The left fan however has started buzzing and gets louder...any reason why this is? It is kind of ruining the relaxing element of it!



RED5 says: “Hi there Jemma, glad to hear you love your Jellyfish Tank! The fans should be whisper quiet really so if it's noisy then we might need to swap it over for you.”

Help - Review by Michelle

Hiya my son got all excited and filled the tank with tap water then added washing up liquid ... What shall I do ?? The jellies don't light up :(

RED5 says: “Hi there Michelle, the LEDs in the Jellyfish Tank just shine down through the water so the jellyfish themselves don't actually light up. If you have any other problems then please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team and they'll be happy to help :)”

Totally happy with this great product. Very relaxing. - Review by Jon

Had some annoying problems with missing parts etc but customer services sorted this quickly and efficiently. Their customer care is second to none! Unlike some!!
They went out of their way to make sure I was happy with my purchase and that all was OK. Could not have been more helpful and courteous throughout.
So five big stars for customer service and also for the jellyfish tank as well. Once set up correctly (no rushing) it is exactly as described and does exactly what it says. Many thanks for being a great seller.
I will no doubt be back!

Just a couple of questions - Review by Anthony Mark

Hello RED5. I didn't purchase this from you, I got it from MENKIND, but since your site seems to be the most informative I wondered if you could advise me. My first tank had a noisy left fan. I got a replacement and now the right fan is noisy instead. Anyway, I could have sworn that each fan blew twice before alternating. With this new tank only the left fan blows twice and then the right fan blows once. I assume both fans should blow twice and be nice and quiet? I may have to return it for a second time and hope I'm third time lucky! I get my money back and buy one from yourselves. Thank you.

RED5 says: "Sorry to hear you've had some troubles Anthony Mark. It sounds like you've been quite unlucky there :( The tank should be whisper quiet but your fan sequence sounds correct, it does blow twice on one side then once on the other."

Little help - Review by Lynden

This is koool, I've named one of the little jellyfish Jeffery. I used deionised water no probs. Now, is it supposed to look quite smokey inside the tank...?? I initially filled it up with tap water then emptied it out as instructed but still looks a bit misty. Could I have a little advice please, Thanks a lot.

RED5 says: "Hi Lynden, it sounds like your tank might just need a clean out and some fresh water :)"

Chill Out! - Review by Geraldine

Bought this for my Son to help him chill out and stay calm after a hard day's work. He really liked it. It's so easy on the eye - watching the fish gracefully float around and the lighting giving a relaxing ambience to this room. Lovely - and he feels much calmer now! Thanks from all the family!!

A great product! - Review by Jeremy

I bought this for my mother who is currently house-bound following a knee op, and is unable to sleep. It was very quick and easy to set up, and there were no problems with air bubbles or the jellyfish not moving around as they should.The motors are very quiet. My mother loves it and finds it very soothing and relaxing, especially in the dark, with the amazing light changing effects. I plan on getting myself one too.

RED5 says: “Glad you're loving your jellyfish - we hope your mother feels better soon!”

Absolutely stunning - Review by Linda

Bought as a present for my 5 year old grandson for Christmas, thought it would be best to try it out before wrapping it, I just used tap water and it was truly amazing, the colours are great, it really creates a tranquil atmosphere. However as my daughter lives in a different water area theirs is really hard it did not work very well at all. I told her some of the suggestions in the reviews so she changed the water for distilled and the result was brilliant. My grandson has this in his bedroom it is the best night light ever.

Superb present - Review by Peter

This item was delivered very promptly and was well packaged. I found the effects of swimming jellyfish in periodically changing lighting was fascinating (I must get out more !). I did find that one of the water circulating pumps developed a bit of a noise after about a month but RED5 changed it efficiently and without quibble or cost to me. I see some people have had problems with the (silicone) jellyfish floating too well and not swimming as expected. The problem is due to too great a density difference between the water and the jellyfish. I found using distilled water only (from a dehumidier) was the biggest factor in reducing the problem. Also, in the early days a warm room reduced the floating. After about a month the floating problem completely disappeared, which I put down to absorption of some water by the jellyfish which resulted in exact neutral buoyancy. All in all a great, novel product and good service from the supplier.

Awesome Product - Review by Marlene

This is a great gift to suit any sex, any age and can be placed in any room. We used deionised water and a little bit of washing up liquid and have had no problems with the jellyfish getting tangled with each other or caught in the motors.

A must have gadget. Shame there isn't a bigger one!!!

Love It - I want one! - Review by Tracey

I bought two of these. One for my ten year old son who wanted a cool pet and watches it in bed at night as he is drifting off to sleep. The other is for the Day Centre where I work with elderly people. We don't have time for pets that need looking after so this was perfect for our needs and they seem fascinated by it. Might just have to buy a third for my bedroom!

Pure joy! - Review by Carole

Bought for my daughter, in lieu of a gecko (too much responsibility) and scored a total hit...they look and act like REAL ones!!! But better than that..they make an ideal granny sitter, parked granny in front of them for most of Xmas day and she was calm and quiet as a mouse. Would recommend one to anyone with an over anxious relative to deal with....totally calming.

Fantastic idea for a gift - Review by Neil

I bought the jellyfish tank for my 3 1/2 year old son who is on the Autistic spectrum, my wife and I wanted to get him a present for Xmas that was not just something we knew he would like, but something that he would benefit from, in the sense that it helps calm him for bedtime. The Jellyfish tank has many changing lights, this along with the jellyfish moving around through the water helps with my son's many sensory issues. I couldn't have asked for a better gift, great value and easy to put together.

EXCELLENT!!!! - Review by SHARON

Bought it for my 16 yr old daughter, she loves it. Took a few goes with the jellyfish to get them all moving (massaging air bubbles out) but once sorted, excellent. Sits in our living room and is put on every night.

Great gift - Review by neil

Bought this for my Dad for Christmas and he loves it! Easy to set up, great effects, had to lie to my Dad though when I brought it round on Christmas Eve wrapped up with a 5 litre bottle of de-ionised water, just told him it was for my mum's iron . Went round the other day to find that he had placed a photo of my mum and her sister dressed up as mermaids at the back of the tank . Overall great product great communication from RED5, well worth every penny.

Great for the kids :-) - Review by FJ :-)

I bought this for my Nephew who is not allowed to have real fish :-)
It's very easy to set up, no mess etc., and comes complete with optional, artificial plants. If you choose to display the plants (you don't have to as it looks nice without them too), they actually don't go in the water, but at the rear of the tank, which again means you won't have to clean them as often.
The various light colours are beautiful when the room is quite dark, and you can either display each individual colours, or choose the colour fade option which goes from colour to colour (which we think looks the nicest).
It's a really nice tank, and RED5 were very quick with the delivery too :-)

Great Product - Review by Robert

An excellent product, visually stunning. However, it needs to be filled exactly to the correct level and the water needs detergent or it simply does not work as promised (so take care when you first use the product). I also add a tiny amount of bleach to the water (2 drops) to kill bacterial growth. I also printed off a fish tank background which I'd downloaded and then laminated it. The effect is excellent and unlike a fish tank, it needs no maintenance.

Great present for my grandson - Review by Janice

Next best to the real thing. My grandson loved the jellyfish tank.

Lovely, Tranquil - Review by dene

Very nice and soothing watching the jellyfish and the colours, Take a while getting used to the noise of the jets but all in all 10/10. Would recommend over the smaller battery powered one.

Great - Review by Lauren

Looks incredible with the changing lights. Adds calmness and contributes to create a great atmosphere.

AMAZING!!! - Review by Nick

This item was delivered really quickly and was well packaged.
I've read that you need distilled water with these as my jellyfish would not all move properly at first just using normal water, but I put a few squirts of washing liquid in the tank like the instructions said and after a day or more they started to all move properly.
I've mounted my tank above my TV and it looks amazing!
I'll give this product a 10 out of 10 and it really is like the jellyfish are real and have life of their own!!! Stunning, many thanks RED5, from a satisfied customer, Nick ;)

Continuous pump? - Review by Holly

I have a tank with three jellyfish from you and everything is good. Is the pump system supposed to be continuous though? As soon as I turn it on the pump works for five seconds then turns off for ten minutes and then works for five seconds etc. Is the pump system supposed to be continuous?

RED5 says: “Hi Holly, the pumps aren't supposed to work continuously, but will alternate between pumps with approx. a 30 second break between each five-second burst. If yours isn't doing this then please get in touch with our Customer Services department and they'll help you out :)”

absoloutly brill :) - Review by joanne

I bought this as an xmas present 4 my 6yr old son, he loves jellyfish n was well impressed with it, it comes with 4 big jellyfish n 3 little 1s, only problem i found was once all the jellyfish was in the tank they kept gettin stuck together or stuck under the jets, i removed the smaller 1s n the big 1s fly around the tank easier......fantastic present :)

Fantastic! - Review by Anita

I bought this for my husbands Christmas present. We both love it. It's so mesmerising and relaxing to watch. I used deionised water as it was cheaper than distilled water but works just as well. I'm thinking of getting another for a different room!

FEW CONCERNS - Review by gajan

I bought this, looks good but two concerns:
1. Some stick together when floating
2. Some just stay on top

I used distilled water so not sure what went wrong, any help?

RED5 says: “Hi Gajan, sorry to hear you're having problems. Make sure your tank is filled all the way to the top, and try massaging the air bubbles off the jellyfish with a little washing up liquid. It can sometimes take a few days for the tank to settle and start working properly. Hope this helps!”

Thank you - Review by Denver

Internet shopping as it should be 10 out of 10 for product and service.


RED5 says: "Thanks Denver :D"

Great night light! - Review by RACHAEL

My son absolutely loves this!!! Brilliant night light, only needed topping up with water once in a year. Used distilled water - worked fine!!!

Amazing - Review by Victoria

This is he best thing I've bought! Had it for a month now and it's awesome! It's very relaxing and the colours are great. I love tricking everyone into thinking they're real! So easy to maintain! Recommended to loads of my friends. I love them! :)

Great product - Review by Claire

I love my new jellyfish tank, it is so real and at night with the lounge lights off it is even more beautiful. It's so mesmerising. I have so far watched that more than the tv. Lol. Would highly recommend this product.
The customer service of this company is great as well, they are very reliable and fair. Thank you very much.

suitable water??? - Review by Shane

Mine is due to arrive today :) Just one question.

Distilled water is soooo expensive! can you use De-ionised or reverse osmosis water instead? If so which would be best?

RED5 says: "Hope you love your Jellyfish Tank when it arrives Shane :) De-ionised water should be absolutely fine."

I love this in theory - Review by Charlie

Are both motors supposed to work at the same time? Mine seen to alternate and come on as they please - not constantly?
The jellyfish just seem to stay stuck under the motors at each side and not actually move around the tank. I've tried tap water and bottled and nothing's changed!

RED5 says: "The motors in this product do alternate - this gives the jellyfish the right currents in the tank so they float more realistically. Tap and bottled water usually isn't pure enough to work with this product though so we would recommend using either distilled or de-ionised water."

unsure :/ - Review by Saffron

Jellyfish stay under the jets, I keep removing them to check if any air bubbles in them, but the tentacles keep getting tangled. I bought de-ionised water like it stated.

The colours are good and the noise is very quiet just disappointed that is doesn't work as well as I hoped. It made me look silly as I got everyone to come see them and they didn't work :/

RED5 says: "Sorry to hear that Saffron, it sounds like you may need to give the Jellyfish a bit of a massage to get rid of the bubbles and also put a little bit of washing up liquid in the water. If neither of these things work then you are welcome to send it back to us so we can take a look at it for you."

Jellyfish Tank - Review by toni

Received my Jellyfish Tank today fast delivery, very well packaged and looks great overall. I am very pleased with my purchase!!!

Amazing jellies - Review by Margaret

Got this yesterday. First attempt was with filtered water and was not too impressed. Got distilled water and was amazed at the difference. It's wonderful. I could sit and watch it for hours and already my friends are all asking me where I got it.

Noisy motor - Review by Richard

Great product only issue I have is that the motor is a bit loud is there any device I could buy to minimise motor sound.

RED5 says: "Sadly not Richard, although the motor should be pretty quiet. Sounds like we may need to take a look at it for you."

Great Service - Review by Stephen

1st one turned up with a dodgy motor that was so loud it was interfering with telly!

One email to customer services and all sorted in a couple of days, RED5 even paid the return postage - brilliant.

Not happy!! - Review by Grace

Not as good as I would have hoped!! The jellyfish just stay under the jets, and when the one jet comes on they then just move and get stuck under the other jet!!!! Is there something wrong with it, have I not set it up right????? Can anyone help me as my son is so upset.

RED5 says: "Hmm, that doesn't sound right at all! Sometimes this can happen if just tap water is used (we recommend using distilled or de-ionised water). We've found that a little bit of washing up liquid can help too. If you have any further issues though, please contact our customer services team and they'll help you out :)"

fooled everyone - Review by Barry

I like ultra modern rooms, so I have added this product to my lounge. I wish the makers would build a larger tank, say 4ftx2ft. This would really make my day. Very relaxing to watch. Brilliant colours.

jellyfish tank - Review by Shirley

Very pleased with my Jellyfish Tank. The delivery was very good and took only 2 days to come. The jellyfish look real and they make a great edition to my room. The lighting is very good and everything works well. It is so relaxing and I like the setting where you can choose the colour of the light to match the room it is in. Can recommend to anyone! :)

Awesome Jellyfish! - Review by Beth

I love sticking my jellyfish tank on in the background, so peaceful! What I really love is how I can choose the colour to match the room! :)

Amazing!!! - Review by nickie

I am so glad i bought this when i did as now it seems impossible to get hold of. so many people think its real. i love it and so do my kids. its so nice at night in my lounge and its very relaxing.

Funtastic! - Review by ian

I bought this for my wife for Christmas and also wrapped up 5lts of de-ionised water from local car parts shop( about £3.50 ) she opened the water first!! The jellyfish in the tank are very life like especially at night. I have convinced some friends that they are real and only on close inspection have they seen the truth.
They are on back order so I am going to pre order another and drain the tank and take it with us when we visit my wife's dad in South Africa, he will put it behind his bar and have great fun telling all his friends the jellyfish are the real thing.

Fantastic present - Review by Dawn

Brought this for my autistic son, how fab this jelly fish tank is. He loves to put it on at night and the mood lights are beautiful and very relaxing. I would buy this as a gift for others. Well worth the money.

Supa dupa!.....its brilliant. - Review by anne

I have just come back to this website to see if you still had this Jellyfish Tank, as I have just had visitors who were totally mesmerised by this item - Where did you get it? - I want one too! they really is a conversation piece, everybody that has seen it is taken by it........I tried to get distilled water for it, but nobody seems to sell it these days, so went into my local garden centre where they sell REAL fish, and bought some de-ionised? water, and it does the job brilliantly.....Now gonna email my friend back and tell her that you still sell this fantastic item....albeit you are out of stock right now.

RED5 says: "Thanks for your review Ann :) De-ionised water is a great alternative to distilled if you can't find it. Hopefully we should have some more in stock soonish!"

excellent - Review by karen

Bought these for my sons for Xmas and they are brilliant. We have had so many comments on if they are real, how we got them into the tank etc etc
They are truly mesmerising how they swim about and change colour...totally awesome

Katie - Review by Audrey

I bought this for my grandson. I loved it and so did he but unfortunately after one week one of the jellyfishes tentacles got caught at top side of tank. It made alot of noise and we had to redo the aquarium and now we are scared to leave it on because of this. I bought it for him to watch when he went to bed. I don,t know if anyone can advise or help with this problem, or has had the same experience. I would be pleased if someone could help. If we hadnt had this problem I would have given 5 stars because it is really lovely.

RED5 says: "Hi Audrey, we've not heard of this happening before :( If it occurs again, please get in touch and we'll get it sorted for you as that doesn't sound at all right to us!"

10 outa 10 - Review by magic21

I brought this before christmas and i must say i was totally impressed , must have pressie if you like your gadgets , so calming, looks great in the bedroom , easy to fix up and get going , RED5 fast delivery , recommended , 5***** STAR A MUST BUY

LOVE THIS! - Review by nickie

I bought this at around 1pm week b4 xmas. i clicked free delivery and would come 3-5 working days. i got a text next day saying it was gonna be delivered between 5.30pm and 6.30pm that day., no ALL day waiting in times which was fab!! it came at 5.30pm bang on and i love it. infact put it on facebook and 5 friends went to buy it. :) great service as well as item so close to xmas

Fab Pressie! - Review by Ana

I bought this as part of my son's 25th birthday gifts - He loves it! I love it! .. It's so cool .. I think I'm probably going to get another one for my room! lol!

Very simple to assemble .. Very reaiistic .. Skinny tank makes it easy to place anywhere! It's great!

NB: My tip: Instructions recommend distilled water which is very difficult to get hold of .. I phoned RED5 customer services - you can use De-Ionised water which is the same and cheaper. The tank takes almost 5 litres which is not mentioned on the instructions.