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Modern day life is full of temptation and the old Ten Commandments don’t quite cover it all. Thou shalt not eat chips off ones partner plate, thou shalt not steal coloured pens, and thou shalt not leave a dribble of milk in ones carton. These are just a few of the new editions but we are welcome to any suggestions. Anyway, if you’re a little too busy on your Sunday mornings and don’t have time to go to church, then we have an alternative for you.

The Jesus soap is the only soap that doesn’t just clean your skin, but also your soul. Yes, we are now taking absolution into our own hands. So if you’re ever feeling a little naughty, maybe you spent too long drooling over the latest sports car that has just come out or perhaps you decided not to help that old lady across the road, either way; we all inflict mini sins upon ourselves and need a good old soul cleansing. And what could be more cleansing then rubbing the saviours face all over our bodies!


Product Features

  • Novelty soap
  • Embossed Jesus detail
  • Fragrant
  • Wash away your sins


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Cleaned up my act! - Review by Thumper

After being kicked out of Sunday school for a rather unfortunate incident involving an organ, I felt it was time to repent for my sins. What better way to spend my time than in the shower, repenting with the man himself! I felt fresh as a daisy, and ready for the day with this amazing Jesus soap.