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The Joystick-IT tablet arcade stick is the perfect way to bring your tablet-based gaming to the next level! You can add this physical joystick easily to your touchscreen to give you increased precision with your favourite games, and it won’t damage your device – take it off and you would never know it had been there. Reapply it and reposition it as many times as you like.

The Joystick-IT works with thousands of games and doesn’t require any wires or batteries. It’s retro cool looks and solid milled aluminium construction make it a stylish addition to your ipad or tablet computer.

Compatible Hardware: The Joystick-IT works with any device which features a capacitive touchscreen. This includes the iPad™ and many Android™ tablets. The Joystick-IT will work with mobile phones that have capacitive touchscreen displays, however it may not be ideal for this purpose because of its size!

Compatible Games: The Joystick-IT will work with any game that features a virtual on-screen control pad of some kind. Games that use swiping, swipe-style joypads, joypads with variable on-screen locations, or complex finger based gestures will not work properly with the Joystick-IT. Instructions: Start the game on your device Place the Joystick-IT into your device over the on-screen joypad control and push it down You can now play the game!

Product Features

  • Stylish retro joystick
  • Works with ipads and tablets
  • Sucker attachment wont damage your device
  • Measures approx. 3cm (w) x 4.5cm (h)


  • 1 x Joystick IT

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