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The key to hassle-free mornings

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Product Description

Let’s face it, we’re always losing our keys and for those of us who are forgetful or are constantly in a rush, it can be a never ending nightmare of frustration and torment! Now there is a way to avoid this stress and make finding your keys an easy process, the Whistle Key Finder is the answer to many of your morning prayers.

To avoid the stress of scrambling around in your pockets or drawers (which coat were you wearing last?), just clip this to the set of keys you don’t want to lose and once you’ve forgotten where you put them, simply whistle and the Key Finder will respond with a beep and a flashing LED, helping you solve the problem of lost keys forever. We can’t promise you won’t be late for work again but hopefully these handy little gadget will go some way to helping lower your stress levels.

Product Features

  • Beeping Keyfinder
  • Bright LED indicator light
  • Whistle or clap activated
  • Cuts out anxiety in the mornings

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