Kusa Grass Flip-Flops

Make every day a walk in the park

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Product Description

There’s nothing better than the feel of grass under your feet on a hot summers day. Unfortunately, hot summer days seem to be a rarity in this country so we have found something to give you that fresh cut grass feeling all year round.

The Kusa Grass Flip Flops let you enjoy that sole sensation you crave so much every day! Each and every Kusa Flip Flop is full of a unique syn-turf material that conforms to the shape of your feet. To start with, you may need to give your foot a good wiggle to flatten parts down but after that, you have the ‘walking on grass’ feeling you’ve always wanted. Not only do you get the grassy feel with every step but also an extra layer of comfort as it protects your feet from feeling every stone you step on.

Do not mow.

Product Features

  • Walk on grass anywhere
  • Get that sole sensation everyday
  • Unique syn-turf material
  • Conforms to the shape of your foot
  • Fresh cut grass feeling all the time
  • Provides extra layer of comfort
  • No watering or mowing necessary
  • Available in different sizes
  • Womens come with flower design

Technical Specifications

  • Mens large: UK size 9 - 12.5 approx. 31cm
  • Mens/womens medium: UK size 5.5 - 9 approx. 28cm
  • Womens small: UK size 2 - 5.5 approx. 25cm

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