Laser MAD 2.0

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Product Description

The only thing better than a toy gun for a young boy is a laser shooting battle gun! With the Laser Dart you get just that, in fact you get two of them and some hi-tech glasses too! These futuristic shooters will transport you into a sci-fi battle ground complete with flashing lights and cool sound effects.

The guns can transform from a blaster to a shotgun with the flick of a switch and you can target the enemy up to 50 metres away! When you are out of ammo simply reload and continue the attack.

The aim of the game is to shoot your opponent knocking out all the lights on their gun, so pick a side and transform your home in to the ultimate battle ground! Pew! Pew! Pew!

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Product Features

  • Infrared battle game
  • Comes with two futuristic guns and hi-tech glasses
  • Features light and sound effects as you fire
  • Each gun transform from blaster to shotgun
  • Simply reload when out of ammo

Technical Specifications

  • Laser guns require 3x AAA batteries
  • Targeting glasses 2x AAA batteries

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So amazing! - Review by Brodie

Me and my friends have had so much fun with this definitely a must have