Lasso Bottle Holder

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Lasso Wine Bottle Holder

It's a kind of magic!

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Product Description

No doubt set to be a RED5 best seller, the Lasso Wine Bottle holder is a fantastic addition to any kitchen. A wine bottle is magically suspended in mid-air just like the famous Indian rope trick and will have your guests completely bamboozled.  

The Lasso is actually made of chromed iron metal cleverly disguised with rope, which creates one of the best optical illusions we’ve ever seen. Cleverly, the end on the lasso is just plain old rope, so you can lift it up and move it round, which is definitely guaranteed to get a “what the…!” reaction.

Suitable for all standard wine bottles, it makes the perfect gift for the fun loving vino connoisseur. Quite simply this is one of the coolest things you can have in your kitchen, we love it!

Product Features

  • Amazing opticall illusion for your kitchen
  • Fits almost any bottle of wine or spirit
  • Cleverly uses balance and counter balance
  • functional and incredibly stylish
  • Measures approx. 20cm x 6cm 

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You won't 'wine' if you buy this. - Review by Eli

A great centrepeice for any table. I emptied the bottle and filled with water and food colouring for a permanent display.

amazing - Review by maddie

this is a really impressive product, i was a bit dubious when i purchased it becasue i wasnt expecting it to work but i was proved completely wrong, this looks really impressive and realistic, everyone who comes round my house is always amazed by it, and have all bought one themselves.