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Iconic retro mood lamps

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Since the invention of mood lighting all those years ago, we have been obsessed with finding the right addition for our living rooms and bedrooms! These Lava Lamps are the perfect combination of beautiful effects at an affordable price.

Available in two colours our Lava Lamps stand approx. 36cm high, mains powered, and comes with a bulb so you can turn it on and watch the lava warm up straight away!

We love watching until the disc of wax at the bottom heats up enough to let the melted wax underneath rush to the top – it’s hard to catch though, you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled!

Product Features

  • Create a relaxing mood
  • Various colours available
  • Requires 25w screw-fit bulb
  • Measures approx. 36cm x 9cm at it's widest point


  • 1 x Lava Lamp with mains adaptor
  • 1 x 25w bulb

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Mesmerising Liquid Heaven - Review by Diane

Being addicted to lava lamps, this one doesn't fail to impress. It only took about an hour and half to warm up - I love it.

Classic, retro lava lamps! - Review by Patrick

Lava lamps - not a new innovation, or a clever gadget, or even particularly unique; but still elicits a bout of admiration and wonderment from visitors whenever on display. The groovy bubbles of wax rising and falling constantly in a colourful matrix is what makes this such a popular item, and the quality is just as good from here as from any other shop.

Quick word of warning - keep it out of reach of young kids, or particularly dim-witted older kids; it gets hot once it's going. And remember, it takes a couple of hours to start going once you turn it on.

WOW - Review by Shannon

If u like to sit back and relax in the bath or in the dark then this is amazing! Turn off the lights and enjoy the lava lamp i got 6

loved this - Review by Angela

nice to relax in the dark with just this on.