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Product Description

Working at RED5 you tend to use the word 'cool' quite a lot but it's fair to say that some products are cooler than the others. To try and address the balance we have decided to say that the LED Cube is sub-zero! It is quite simply one of the greatest pieces of indoor mood lighting we've ever seen. Fusing technology with art it separates itself from all other products in the lighting category by some way.

The LED Cube reveals a wide mixture of patterns - fast, slow, single lights, multiple lights with a variety of bright colours. The end result is a hypnotic display that will mesmerise for hours on end!
Made up of 64 individual multi-coloured LEDs, it's guaranteed to be a talking point whenever it is switched on.

The animated lightshow runs for over 30 minutes without repeating, so whether you need to be inspired or relaxed, the LED Cube is the coolest mood lighting...ever!!!

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Product Features

  • 64 individual multi-coloured LEDs
  • Runs over 30mins without repeating
  • Arguably the best lighting product we'ver ever sold!
  • Dimension: 12.5cm x 12.5cm x 16cm
  • A mood light like no other
  • Perfect for the office or home
  • 30 minute sequence without repeating
  • Relax or be inspired

Technical Specifications

  • Powered by the mains (includes power adaptor)

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LED Light Cube - Review by Stuart Robinson

I Purchased this item today and it is fantastic. The website video does not do this item justice.
Anyone ordering this will not be disappointed. The colors and patterns are truly mesmerizing. Ive used the Light cube for 3 consecutive nights and have noticed different patterns and vibrant colors each time. The effects are extremely eye catching and interesting without being too aggressive. The cube fits into any environment because its unobtrusive and very neat. This is a great gadget to impress friends with, its a very good quality item and extremely easy to use. Just plug in and watch, no messing around having to programme things or choose settings etc. Being a collector of unusual lighting,I am really pleased i bought this stunning little gem.