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LED Spiral Helix

DNA lighting

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Product Description

Once upon a time the only lighting we had was the flicker of a flame and the sun in the sky. But since we have now conquered that strange thing called electricity we can have all sorts of exciting lighting features like this the LED Spiral Helix  for example.

Reminiscent of the DNA helix but without any nucleo-tides, this incredible twirling lighting feature gently turns two tendrils covered with red and blue LED lights around and around. Hidden deep inside is a small motor which powers the tendrils to turn every 45 seconds keeping the motion continuously flowing. The rhythmic waves of red and blue lights create soothing patterns across your room as the helix continues spinning using its own kinetic energy. Hang this from the ceiling or alternatively use the stand (sold sperately) for a freestanding floor light with a difference!

Please note: stand sold seperately <click here>

Product Features

  • Cool LED helix lighting
  • Reminiscent of dancing DNA
  • 2 threads of coloured LED’s
  • Motor pushes tendrils every 45 seconds
  • Optional stand for free standing option (sold separately)
  • Creates soothing light patterns

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Hypnotic! - Review by Mothmas

I immediately fell in love with this piece of funky art / lighting and decided I must own one! The box is very small but you know the saying. I also nabbed the Spiral Helix stand at the same time to ensure maximum twirling effect - the other option I considered was to buy a new house with higher ceilings as this would look amazing in a standard light fitting over a dining table! Turn the lights off and be prepared to lose huge chunks of time just zoning out. Perhaps not worth a full 100 sheets (£150 with the stand), but I'm stinking rich and don't care. And I'm probably the only person in my neighbourhood to own one. Well, at this price I better be.