LED Musical Shades

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LED Musical Shades

A rave on your face

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Product Description

A few years ago a very extrovert rapper bought the shutter shades back into fashion. After that, shutter shades have filled the market and have been worn on the faces of many men and women, young and old.

The LED Musical Shades are like shutter shades, only better. Unlike most glasses, these bad boys are best used when night falls. Simply press a button and create a rave on your face! The LED Musical Shades feature sound responsive technology that light up LEDs in time with music. A clever decibel sensor inside the glasses automatically adjusts to the sounds in the room too. So basically, if you’re in a club, they will know to adjust the sound levels to compensate for the deafening bass, but use them at home and the sensor will become more sensitive and react to smaller sounds. Clever stuff!

Perfect for any occasion the LED Musical Shades are sure to bring some colour into your nightlife.

Product Features

  • Light up shutter shades
  • Vibrant waves of colour
  • Dances in time with music
  • Auto adjusts to sound levels
  • Create a rave on your face
  • One button press to activate
  • Sound activated glasses
  • Requires 2 x CR2016 batteries
  • Measures approx. 17cm x 16cm

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Led Musical Shades - Review by Roy

Never before have I rested such awesomeness upon my face!!

Responsive to loud and quiet noise - and thanks to these I am no longer just "Mr Plainface"

Thank-you RED5....You are better than getting A Stretch Armstrong for Christmas in 1987

£9.95 too!!....what a Touch!!!!

Gawd Bless Ya!