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With motion activated LED's

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If you are the type of person that thinks there is no such thing as too much attention, especially whilst out partying in bars and clubs, then the LED Pulse Bands are the perfect accessory to accompany your glad rags.

Maybe a good old dose a jogging is more your thing, or even a less energetic late night dog walk. Perhaps you just feel that your arms deserve to have some cool lighting features on them, either way, the LED Pulse Bands are the leader in arm flashiness.

These funky bracelets are made from silicone with super bright SMD LED lights. SMD is a new generation of LED lighting that is three times brighter you’re your usual LED’s with increased performance. The motion sensors send the lights pulsing along with your grooves and moves although staring at them for too long can make that little green splodge appear in front of your eyes.

Available in Red, White, Blue and Black, these are a great gift for your nocturnal friends and with so many different uses they will be spoilt for choice.

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Product Features

  • Motion sensitive flashing wrist bands
  • Lights flash in time with movements
  • Approx. 150,000 flashes with the LED's at their brightest
  • Super bright SMD LED lights
  • Great for dog walkers, joggers, clubbers and children
  • Available in Red, White, Blue and Black
  • Measures approx. 18.5cm x 2cm

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