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With motion activated LED's

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If you are the type of person that thinks there is no such thing as too much attention, especially whilst out partying in bars and clubs, then the LED Pulse Bands are the perfect accessory to accompany your glad rags.

Maybe a good old dose of jogging is more your thing, or even a less energetic late night dog walk. Perhaps you just feel that your arms deserve to have some cool lighting features on them, either way, the LED Pulse Bands are the leader in arm flashiness.

These funky bracelets are made from silicone with super bright SMD LED lights. SMD is a new generation of LED lighting that is three times brighter than your usual LEDs, with increased performance. The motion sensors send the lights pulsing along with your grooves and moves although staring at them for too long can make that little green splodge appear in front of your eyes.

Available in Red, White, Blue and Black, these are a great gift for your nocturnal friends and with so many different uses they will be spoilt for choice.

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Product Features

  • Motion sensitive flashing wrist bands
  • Lights flash in time with movements
  • Approx. 150,000 flashes with the LED's at their brightest
  • Super bright SMD LED lights
  • Great for dog walkers, joggers, clubbers and children
  • Available in Red, White, Blue and Black
  • Measures approx. 18.5cm x 2cm

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LED Pulse Bands - Review by Ryan

I think this is a fantastic product but not quite sure if the band is water proof or not.

RED5 says: "Sadly not Ryan, we wouldn't recommend getting these wet."

Freaking awesome. - Review by Samantha

Bought this for me and a friend (for her birthday), postage was quicker than I expected. Awesome product. Very bright, will be testing it at a music gig.

Great Fun - Review by Glyn

The LED pulse bands are great for the kids and they wear them all the time. They are safe too. When wearing them at night or just walking home from school on the dark afternoons they shine out and they can be seen easily by drivers. So a great safety device and real fun when moving around.

Fab for runners - Review by Carol

Bought one band to try. Wanted it for running outdoors in the dark winter nights. Was not disappointed. Very bright, very light, you forget that you have it on. Would recommend.
I promptly ordered another. Wear them on every night run (3 to 4 night runs per week)
Would recommend.
Note: you need movement to get light so not so good for cycling where wrist movement is limited. Be good for ankle but unfortunately they don't do ankle bands....maybe in the future. If they did I would buy them.

Hit & Miss! - Review by Mr L

After reading about these Pulse Bands & reading the other reviews I decided to go ahead and buy one of each colour.

The blue band & the clear band are great & are really bright & can be seen from quite a distance. However, the black band & the red band are really dim with next to no light coming from them no matter how much you shake them or how close at them you try looking. I have no way of telling if the very poor light being emitted is due to the batteries in the black & red bands being almost dead or is it due to the darker colours. As the batteries are sealed in place with the only way to get at them would be to destroy the bands there's just no way to tell.

Rather disappointing that 50% of my order is pretty much money wasted.

RED5 says: “Don't be disappointed - we can make it so that 100% of your order is money well spent, just contact our Customer Services team and they'll sort this out for you :)”

5 Star and More - Review by Annette

I have recently bought 15 LED wristbands for 2 uses for which I think they are most effective:

I gave out most of them to a group of 7-12 year old as a “Be seen Be safe” road safety aid as the nights are drawing in and think you are missing a trick not advertising to the market of concerned parents.

The other use that I absolutely love is that I use them on my dogs walking in the dark, they are fantastic. I can see the dogs clearly at distance which all the other light up devices for dogs have failed miserably at.
The motion activated bit is great as I do not have to worry about switching them off when I get home which was a problem running batteries out on other light up collars.

I have bought many different light up collars from cheap and cheerful to deluxe and none have been as effective as these wristbands. I clip their harnesses around them which works. None of the previous devices have been waterproof (my dogs love puddles). I have not had any problems so far with the wrist bands they have outlasted and out performed anything else I have bought.

RED5 says: "Thanks Annette, you've made some fantastic points there!"