Levitating Waters

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Levitating Waters

Gravity defying water

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Product Description

Remember when you were young and the amazement/confusion you felt when a magician would pull a coin out from behind your ear. Well times that feeling by a gazillion and you will nearly be able to comprehend the Levitating Waters.

This incredible water feature isn’t like the standard garden centre feature with water trickling off some rocks. This brings perfectly round water droplets up. Yes water droplets floating upwards! Using some mind blowingly simple sciencey stuff, the optical illusion will make your brain think your eyes are lying to you. Simply plug it in, add a little water and watch the water droplets float up to the top of the box! Now to really blow your mind, place an empty cup into the stream and the cup will fill with water whilst droplets are still floating up. WHAAAAAAT?!?!

The easy to use controls allow you to adjust the ‘droplet’ size and direction of flow so you can really mess with your friend’s heads. The Levitating Waters is the perfect executive gift and if you want to know how it works, well you’ll just have to see it for yourself.

Please bear in mind that to create such and mind bamboozaling illusion the levitating waters does generate a little noise, kind of a mechanical drone. Its not something you could have on when wanting to chill out, but it is something that will create the ultimate wow factor at a party! It truly is something you need to see to..err...disbelieve!

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Product Features

  • Mesmerising water feature
  • Water droplets float up
  • Clever optical illusion
  • Fill up a cup as the water droplet keep rising
  • Easy to use controls
  • Backlit box
  • Adjust size of droplets and direction of flow
  • Confuse everyone who sees it

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