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Product Description

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a magician, performing mind blowing illusions and wowing audiences then you’ll love the lights from anywhere.

We can’t tell you what’s in the pack, or how to perform this mystical trick but we can say that it is totally awesome! Marvin’s Magic presents a collection of unbelievable magical effects for children and adults to enjoy and perform. With this kit, you can make a mysterious light appear from anywhere. You can control the light, swallow the light and then pull it out of your ear. You can throw the light through bodies or walls, or do the classic light behind the ear gag.

Wherever you pull the light from, we're sure your friends will be amazed!

Please note: due to the nature of this product, and trying not to give too much of the game away, it is really only suitable for people with fair skin. 

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Product Features

  • Awesome magic tricks
  • Pull lights from anywhere
  • Entertain your friends and family
  • Instructions inside
  • Child and adult sizes

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light from anywhere - Review by Ahsan

It's really good to trick your friends and family members

Incredible!! - Review by Chloe

I saw these a few years ago and was completely amazed and the way this worked before buy my self I watched countless videos to see how they worked and all the cool tricks you can do with them I'm 18 not and still over them I've had mine about 3 years and only ran out of batteries once it's a great product and I'm considering buying my self some more! As I have lost one of them so it's not as effective.
Overall I couldn't of been more pleased with this product it's high quality for a low price and with its great battery life you can have fun for hours!

The Kids will LOVE this! - Review by Adam

I got a pair of these earlier in the year in an attempt to copy a magic show I saw. In a darkened room, your kids will absolutely go mental! As you seem to put the light into your mouth and take it out of your nose! I put it into my sons ear and took it out his other ear and he was astounded!! He ended up picking his nose to try and get the light out that I just put there! So hilarious! You'll have fun for hours coming up with new ideas! Throwing etc. AWESOME!

o god awesome - Review by Mahmud

Never seen something like this before.