Luminara Flickering Flame Candles

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Luminara Flickering Flame Candles

Wax on, Wax off

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Product Description

The Flickering Flame Candles are the most realistic artificial candles we have ever seen (and as we regularly frequent trade shows, with about a gazillion artificial candle stalls, that’s quite a boast!). Like every other artificial candle, they are 100% safe, unless one falls from a shelf and hits you on your head; we obviously mean they won't burn your house down! The flickering candles are perfect if someone in your home has young inquisitive hands, as zero heat is emitted.

The candle itself is actually coated in wax which only adds to the realism. Even up close the effect is still extremely impressive, and we guarantee the first time you see it you’ll be tempted to reach out and touch it.

They can be placed on any flat surface and give the same romantic glow as a real candle. You don’t need to worry about melted wax spoiling your furniture and the only time they’ll go out is when the batteries need replacing.

Product Features

  • Flame flickers as if it was real!
  • 100% safe to use
  • No heat emitted
  • Wax coating for added realism
  • Requires 2 x AA batteries
  • Good quality batteries should last for over 100 hours
  • Small candles measure approx. 8cm x 13cm x 8cm
  • Large candle measures approx. 8cm x 22.5cm x 8cm

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Fabulous******* - Review by Roz

I received my order today and the 4 candles I bought are happily flickering away.
They are fabulous and so real looking.
I really do recommend these lifelike candles.
Happy lady I am!
Thank you RED5

My new favourite night light. - Review by Emma

Was given this as a present and thought, hey this looks good. This was confirmed when people come round to my house and they actually thought it was a real candle because they do look very realistic. Great present, would recommend to anyone who likes lights.

The most Realistic Candle Ever - Review by Tim

I've had battery operated candles before (I love the convenience and safety) but this one is in a league of its own. It's unbelievably realistic, all my friends get fooled by it. The image here does not begin to do it justice. Now candle lit baths are a joy. Lighting the bedroom is amazing, and there's zero fire risk, the kids love it (makes a brilliant and safe night light). Outside it never blows out, so beats the heck out of lanterns. I can't recommend it highly enough. I'm definitely going to be buying more soon!

Flicker Flame Candle - Review by Angie

I saw these in the gadget shop RED5 but at the time didn't buy one. When I got home I regretted not buying any because they looked fantastically realistic. When I got home I went on line and searched for 'flicker flame candles' and, thinking they were all the same, ordered three flicker flame candles but they are NOT all the same, the ones I received were nothing like this one. I returned the candles for a refund, got in my car and went back to RED5 and bought three. Yes, these are what you call a realistic flicker flame candles!!!

Cool gadget - Review by Santhosh

No doubt RED5 have some of the amazing gadgets around, but this is by far the most wonderful. Although the working principle of this gadget is simple, the effect it produces is simply jaw dropping. From a distance no one can call it a fake! I would have personally loved a choice of colours, sizes and smell, none the less it make a novel addition to Christmas or perhaps a romantic candle lit dinner, without striking a match!!

Fantastic flames - Review by Geoffrey

Bought 20 of these units to put on the tables at our Restaurant.
They go down a treat, all the weddings want them for centre table decorations.
Trimmed the top of the wax to lower the height of the candle, then used a blow lamp to make the wax run down the outside, now they look really authentic. A great buy and will be buying more.

The best flickering candles on the market - Review by Angie

These are the best flickering candles you can buy. All my friends think they are real. The flame moves making it almost as good as the real thing....BUT you don't have to keep buying more candles....these last forever!

It looks really real! - Review by Francis

It looks really real! Although a little expensive, we gave one as Christmas present to three people and they were delighted as we were when we bought it last year.