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Trying to find a decent speaker is hard enough as it is, never mind trying to find a speaker that is portable yet it still has all the great features that you can’t live without. Plus, with all the different tech spec you have to rifle through, it’s a very tedious and sometimes confusing job. So to save you a heap load of hassle, we bring you the M4 Bluetooth speaker!

An ultra-stylish and compact portable speaker that has the sound quality of, well, something with awesome sounds. The M4 can connect to any Bluetooth device, iPhone, Laptops, Smartphones, the whole lot and once connected can stretch out to an impressive range of up to ten metres. Even if your device doesn’t support Bluetooth there’s an optional line in port and cable. Even better, just stick in your Micro SD card and play your tunes directly from the source. With 2.2 watts of power and a Li-ion rechargeable battery that can last for up to five hours, your music can follow you around anywhere and everywhere. Located on the top of the speaker you will find the volume and track control buttons, so you don’t need to use your device every time a rubbish song comes on.

So to conclude, if you want a lightweight portable Bluetooth speaker that not only looks good, but sounds fantastic, works with all Bluetooth devices, with big sounds and a long life then look no further. The M4 is what you need.

Product Features

  • Compact Bluetooth speaker
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth devices
  • Line in port and cable for non-Bluetooth devices
  • Great sound quality
  • Micro SD slot – play straight from the source
  • Volume and track control on speaker
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery lasts for up to 5 hours
  • Measures approx. 6cm x 6cm

Technical Specifications

  • Speaker Output: 2 x 2.2 watt
  • Battery Capacity: 500 mAh
  • Battery Charge Time: First charge 4 hours, 2 hours thereafter
  • Play Time (Bluetooth): 2 hours
  • Play Time (microSD): 4 hours
  • Play Time (line in): 5 hours
  • Bluetooth Range: Up to 10 Meters
  • Bluetooth Support: A2DP, AVRCP
  • Max. microSD Card Capacity: 16 GB microSD card
  • File Format (for music files): MP3, WMV


  • 1 x Veho M4 Bluetooth speaker with micro SD card slot
  • 1 x USB charger
  • 1 x Audio cable
  • 1 x Instruction manual

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The perfect travelling companion - Review by mark

I wasn't in the market for a new Bluetooth speaker, but on a recent trip ended up picking up this little M4, almost by accident.

I love everything about it, it looks cool, its really easy to get on with and it sounds fantastic. Impressive for such a small package.

The connection works well with my phone even over quite a distance meaning I don't always need to be close to the M4 to enjoy it. This is important to me as I don't always have the luxury of being able to stand beside the M4, certainly not as much as I would like.

Up close though and there is even more to enjoy - the track and volume controls on top of the unit are a pleasure to use and provide a welcome break to using my phone as the remote.

My favourite feature however is the micro SD card slot. There are few feelings more personal or nostalgic for me than creating that perfect playlist and turning it into something physical. Once loaded onto a memory card, my music can be popped into the unit and the fun starts immediately.

I'm torn between recommending this little beauty to the world or keeping it as my secret little find. Either way, this is a fantastic Speaker.

Great little speaker - Review by Laura

I stopped listening to music on my phone as I found docking stations just too inconvenient. I'd be dancing around to my favourite song when all of a sudden I'd get a text and I'd have to remove my phone from the dock and stop my music in order to read it, then I'd forget to put it back and hours later wonder where my music had gone.

No more with the M4! I can dance to my heart's content, then when (or if, I'm not that popular) someone texts me, I can pick up my phone and continue listening to my favourite tunes on a great quality, portable and fantastic little speaker. I'll be taking this on all my summer days out and holidays, I love it!

tl;dr: This speaker is brilliant!

Awesome - Review by Corey

This speaker is the best wireless Bluetooth speaker I have ever had the sound is good and the speaker even comes with a case.

Bad for Bluetooth - Review by Connor

Good sound with sd card but very poor with Bluetooth, the song keeps jumping and loosing signal, bad buy.

RED5 says: “Oh dear, it sounds like you have a faulty unit there as we use these in store with the Bluetooth connection and they work brilliantly. Please contact our CS team and they'll see about getting you another."”

Great sound - Review by Kimbillie

We love our new mini speaker it has great volume and is very clear. It's great that it is wireless, we use it everyday!

Great pressie! - Review by M

I bought this for my husband for his Christmas and he loves it! Great sound from it, easy to use & paired easily with iPhones and iPods. Great for listening to music in the bath or the shower - without taking iPhone or iPod into the same steamy room! Plan to take this wee device on holiday and use it by the pool and while eating outdoors without having iPhone or iPods heating up in the sun - hope the wee speaker can stand the heat ;) Thanks RED5 :)

This one of the best speakers - Review by Shane

This is one of the best speakers I have bought.