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Product Description

Being a witch or wizard is a common dream for many of us muggles, but without marrying someone from the other side, we have no chance of being invited to join in with all the fun.

Don’t give up just yet though as we have found the Magic Wand Pencil - we've saved you a trip to Diagon Alley without having to learn the art of Apparition (it's tricky, trust us, we've been splinched before)! Turning everyday tasks into mystical adventures, the Magic Wand Pencil definitely wouldn’t look out of place on one of the desks at Hogwarts! Not even Ollivander could tell the difference (well, he probably could but we reckon he'd have to get up close first) ;)

It's fashioned from real wood with a vintage feel, making it the perfect gift for any young wizard, even if they haven't come of age yet. There's no danger that underage wizards will get in trouble with the Ministry of Magic with the Magic Wand Pencil so you can let them go crazy!

Product Features

  • Magic wand that doubles as a pencil
  • Crafted from ancient wood
  • Measures approx. 20cm

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