Magna Rocks

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Magna Rocks

Super strong magnets

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Product Description

So you’re sat at your desk, fingers hovering just above the keyboard, staring blankly at your screen. You’re stuck for words and need some help to get the cogs going in your mind and a cup of hot coffee isn’t going to be enough. Looks like you’re stuck in a rut my friend, perhaps you need some entertaining just to get your brain in gear again.

Although we can’t send you a professional belly dancer we can offer you the Magna Rocks. 13 magical magnetic balls in 3 different shapes and strengths means great fun and is quite possibly, sorry definitely the way to get you back on track with your work.

You can make anything with these balls, a tree, a house or even just a ball. Whatever you want to do with them, you can, a fun yet educational way to learn about the strengths and possibilities of magnets.


Product Features

  • 13 magnetic balls
  • 3 different shapes and strengths
  • Great stress relief and pastime 
  • Educational desktop diversion
  • Ages 14+

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