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Man Apron

What's cooking, good looking?

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Product Description

On first reflection an apron doesn’t seem like the most manly of accessories, as it conjures up images of frilly floral pinnies and vintage ladies joyfully doing the housework. Although most guys would look utterly delightful in a peachy flowered number, we’re guessing it’s probably not their first choice in the apron department.

So when it comes to protecting your clothes from the dangers of cooking, grilling and hard-core barbequing the average guy needs something a little more butch. And fortunately we have just the thing to keep any BBQ pro fully protected around the grill. The Man Apron is a slick black flame-retardant hooded apron, ready to cope with whatever your crazy cook can throw at it.

Utilising much needed space, this Man Apron features pockets for your matches, beer, phone, and condiments of choice, keeping all the essentials in one handy place. The middle section of the apron has a handy tool rail, so you can quick draw any utensils with lightning speed. There’s even a bottle opener attached to the corner edge, so there’s need to go without refreshments either. Phew!

Product Features

  • BBQ mansessory
  • Holders for all your essential cooking items
  • Never BBQ unprotected again!
  • Features a tool rail for utensils
  • Made from flame retardant material
  • Detachable hood
  • One size fits all

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