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For beastly appetites

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If you know someone with a beast of an appetite - you know, the kind of guy that eats five Weetabix at a time with toast, tea and biscuits, then we think you need the Man Bowl. If he's always making a mess, he's got table manners like a Rottweiler and he just can't keep his ears out of his dinner, we think you need to let him know!

This bowl is the best spin off from canine crockery yet! Made from solid ceramic and instead of having DOG emblazoned across the front, it's been switched for MAN - this bowl is hardwearing and suitable for any motley man! It's the perfect bowl for making a dogs dinner of everything and hopefully it'll help to increase his table manners from stray dog to Cruft’s champion.

Ultimately, the Man Bowl is for food loving, greedy and slightly messy omnivores (even those who don't pause to take a breath between mouthfuls). So if your fella is more German Shepherd than English Gentleman then this is the bowl for him.

Product Features

  • Ceramic canine crockery
  • For beast like appetites
  • ‘MAN’ emblazoned across the front
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Measures approx. 25cm x 25cm x 7cm

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great present - Review by kerri

Amazing present for my father-in-law!!!! a must buy for someone who doesnt know what they want