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We don’t think it’s sexist to say that women are ‘generally’ better at wrapping presents than men. Let’s face it, what’s the point in spending ages neatly folding edges, smoothing out creases and hiding sellotape with bows, when it will literally last a couple of seconds after you’ve given it to the desired recipient? The Man Wrap is a solution to dramatically cut down present wrapping time freeing you up to do more important things such as watch more sport, play computer games or drink alcohol. Sound good so far?

With the Man Wrap there's no more scratching at a roll of sticky tape desperately trying to find the beginning, non stuck to the cat, and no scissors accidently cutting through your trousers! Just roll out, rip and fold. Ta daa!! Wrapping presents is no longer a tedious chore.  Like a rolling pin that dispenses wrapping paper, place your gift in the centre of the paper. Bring the Man Wrap around until all your present is covered, tear and fold. As it’s made from foil, the paper will stick together.

This quality foil wraps measures at 5 metres long and 20cm wide and comes in a beautiful blue with silver stars (perfect for any occasion, with the exception of funerals) and wraps gifts in seconds!

Product Features

  • Rolling pin style gift wrapping aid
  • Quality foil wrapping paper
  • No sticky tape, no scissors needed
  • 4 step easy guide
  • Takes the tediousness out of gift wrapping
  • Foil holds form around gift without using tape
  • Measures approx. 500cm x 20cm

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