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Product Description

Sometimes guys get a pretty rough deal when it comes to personal space in the home. Some men have a special shed, spare room or drawer that’s solely dedicated to all things man, providing a home for unidentified cables, random screws, an old roll of sticky tape and some slightly used sandpaper.

But when these objects start to spread into (God forbid) the living room or (even worse) the bedroom, something has to be done!

Providing a home for every random object ever collected, this Man Tin provides the self-titled storage solution for dads, brothers, husbands and boyfriends everywhere. Helping neat freaks stay neat and messy bods to get organised this handy hinged lidded tin gives old keys and random puncture repair kits a proper place to live!

Product Features

  • That’s one manly tin
  • Decorative storage device
  • Organise all the vital bits and bobs
  • For man’s most treasured possessions!
  • Measures approx. 21cm x 16cm x 7cm

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