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Product Description

If you have ever heard the story of Thesesus and the Minotaur then you will know that mazes are grim scary places filled with intricate paths leading in each direction, evil beasts, and booby traps! Thankfully the Mazeball offers little peril or impending doom, but it does provide lots and lots of excitement and trickyness.

You must try to contain your frustration as you guide a tiny ball-bearing around vicious hairpins, slippery slopes and extreme drops, whilst attempting to keep your brains from tying in knots. With a staggering 118 steps to complete throughout the multi-layered maze, this is sure to keep you entertained - most likely for longer than you first expected, as it can be ridiculously addictive and definitely brings out the competitive side in us. Well, we say competitive, we mean more along the lines of passive aggressive behaviour and an irrational love for the ball.

Product Features

  • Guide the ball through complex runs to reach the target
  • Addictive 3D puzzle
  • Flick, roll, shake and balance to the end!
  • 360 degrees puzzle maze
  • Soft plastic design
  • 118 antagonising steps
  • 3 starting bays
  • Measures approx. 14cm diameter

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Has anyone ever finished this!!!?? - Review by Kassius

Aaaargh! Ive been at this for weeks and still cant get past gate 88. I think when i finally do ill be happier than i was at the birth of my first child. Jokes.

A-maze-ing - Review by Alan

We love this,Thank you RED5.It's addictive !
Can't put it down once we've picked it up.