Medium Bookchair Deluxe Stripy

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Medium Bookchair Deluxe Stripy

Let your books relax

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Product Description

Medium Bookchair Deluxe Stripy is a bit of a mouthful so for the rest of this description, we are just going to call it the Bookchair. Right, so the Bookchair is pretty self-explanatory, it really is a chair for your books which sounds pretty silly but is actually surprisingly helpful.

Imagine you’re doing some work at your desk, you have your pens out, laptop, notebook, phone and whatever else you need with you. But that ginormous textbook your biology teacher gave to you to study just won’t fit on your desk. Where are you going to put it? Well, in the Book Chair of course. Looking just like a classic British deck chair, the Book Chair can sit nicely on your workspace and securely hold your reading material in place. Two unobtrusive movable pegs hold your book open at the correct pages no matter how windy it is and the whole chair can be set to three different angles.

Not only is this great for desk work but can also be used to hold onto your cook books whilst cooking, or as a neat place to keep your tablet or e-reader. There’s even a nifty little gap for you to tidily thread your charging cable through.

Product Features

  • Adjustable book holder
  • Perfect for books, tablets and e-readers
  • Pegs hold pages open
  • Set to three different angles
  • Rubber grips on feet for extra stability
  • Keep your workplace tidy
  • Cool stripy cotton cloth
  • Hidden gap to thread through charging cables
  • Measures approx. 19cm x 22cm x 18cm

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Really Nice & Colourful - Review by Joanne

This medium book chair looks really nice in my kitchen just as a feature on it's own, it is a good size, very well made, adjustable, looks great with or without a book on it, also a brilliant idea to have a gap at the bottom so you can plug in your iPad, etc, and it's a cheerful colour too. I really like it and I'm pretty sure you will to.