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Metal Earth Captain America's Shield

Stars and Stripes

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Product Description

Moulded from the legendary Adamantine, Captain America’s famously patriotic shield is understandably the Cap’s first weapon of choice. With a few sneaky adaptations from Tony Stark, this awesome discus can do some pretty mind-bogglingly cool things, so it’s understandable that we’d want one for ourselves too!

Well thanks to the clever folks at Metal Earth we can finally get our hands on our own stars and stripes shield! And unlike many Metal Earth models, this awesome kit creates a red, white and blue model, just how the Cap likes it. This kit comes with laser cut metal sheets, creating an incredibly detailed 3D sculpture when completed. Simply follow the instructions provided and fold together your pieces to create your figurine. There’s no messy soldering or gluing required, making it the perfect project for any Marvel fan!

Product Features

  • Official Marvel sculpture
  • No glue or solder required
  • Create a detailed colour figurine
  • Includes laser cut metal sheets
  • Simply bend the pieces and fit them in place!
  • Contains sharp edges and small parts
  • Suitable for ages 14 and over
  • Easy to follow instructions included

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