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Metal Earth Iron Man

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Product Description

When Tony Stark, billionaire, playboy and business magnate, was wounded, captured and forced to build a weapon of mass destruction, he created something far greater – the incredible Iron Man armoured suit.

Now you too can create his awesome red and gold armour using these perfectly shaped laser cut pieces. This amazingly detailed set comes with three sheets of metal sheets that fold together to create an amazing figurine of everyone’s favourite sharp-witted superhero. He may need a little help telling jokes, flying and showing off his super strength, but he’s just as cool as the real deal. No glue or solder is required, simply follow the detailed instructions, and you’ll have a miniature Golden Avenger in no time!

Product Features

  • Official Marvel sculpture
  • Create a detailed colour figurine
  • 3 sheets include all the parts you need
  • Simply bend the pieces and fit them in place!
  • No glue or solder required
  • Contains sharp edges and small parts
  • Suitable for ages 14 and over
  • Instructions included

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