Metal Earth London Tower Bridge

Thames not included

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Product Description

The London Tower Bridge is an iconic feature of London, known all around the globe as one of the most famous tourist spots of London. Allowing people and vehicles to cross the Thames since 1886, we feel that the Tower Bridge deserves some respect and should be welcomed into our homes.

In this set you can create your very own Tower Bridge. What just looks like a metal sheet actually holds all the pieces you need to create the most famous bridge in the country. The detailed laser etching provides authentic design. First, pop out the pieces by hand or with wire cutters, then bend the shapes and tabs one by one to create the shape you need. What you are left with is a remarkably realistic masterpiece.

Product Features

  • DIY metal model
  • Create your own London Tower Bridge
  • Detailed laser etching
  • Authentic 3D design
  • Tweezers are recommended for bending or twisting the connection tabs
  • No glue or solder needed
  • Contains sharp edges and small parts
  • Not suitable for under 14 years of age

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London bridge is falling - Review by Harry

I am sorry to have to right this because I thought and still do think that red 5 only sell high quality products, however, the instructions are not great and not clear and the first piece I started bending snapped. I probably could have completed it with teasers/pliers but the instructions said they were not needed. Sadly, with one broken piece, the whole product was deemed useless. Maybe with help from my dad I might have completed it. Unfortunately my dad will now no longer give me any pocket money. Thank you Red 5.

RED5 says: “Hi Harry, we are sorry to hear that you have had some problems with your Metal Earth Tower Bridge :( If you contact our customer service team at they should be able to help :)”