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Metal Earth Thor's Hammer

Mighty Mjolnir

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Product Description

If you’ve already got a long red cape, flowing blonde locks and an awesome winged helmet, you’re nearly all the way to becoming a Norse deity. As any god knows, great things never come easily (especially when Loki’s about), but at least this awesome Metal Earth Thor’s Hammer kit gives you detailed instructions to aid your quest. There’s no solder or glue needed either, simply remove the pieces from the two laser cut metal sheets and fold them together to create your amazing 3D sculpture.

Great fun for anyone aged 14 and over this officially licensed sculpture is the perfect workspace companion, and now you’ll possess all the power of Mjolnir! Just remember to use your new found powers with care and try to avoid making any crazy thunderstorms.

Product Features

  • Official Marvel sculpture
  • Create a detailed silver figurine
  • 2 sheets include all the parts you need
  • Simply bend the pieces and fit them in place
  • No glue or solder required
  • Contains sharp edges and small parts
  • Suitable for ages 14 and over
  • Detailed instructions included

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