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Product Description

Megatron, the commander of the Decepticons, evil arch-enemy of Optimus Prime. From starting a civil war on Cybertron to trying to enslave humanity, this is one bad dude that you don’t want to mess with! Metal Earth has put an awesome kit together which you can transform into a super detailed model of your favourite transformer.

Two steel sheets include all the parts you need to create your very own Megatron! Simply pop out the bits and connect using the tabs and holes; absolutely no gluing or soldering is required!

Once built they measure about three inches, so they are not going to be the centre of attention but more like the perfect little accessories to finish off an office/study desk. After all who doesn’t want the commander of the Decepticons on their desk?!

Product Features

  • Official Transformers sculpture
  • Megatron design
  • Two steel sheets include all the parts you need
  • Tweezers are recommended for bending or twisting the connection tabs
  • No glue or solder needed
  • Contains sharp edges and small parts
  • Not suitable for under 14 years of age

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