Mi Wiper

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Mi Wiper

Clear the mist in one wipe

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Product Description

If you enjoy having a nice hot shower in the morning you’ll understand how annoying it is when you’re trying to get ready in a rush but can’t see anything because the blooming mirror is more fogged up than Di Caprio and Winslets steamy car scene in Titanic.

Fear not as we have the solution! Instead of scrubbing your mirror with a towel which then leaves teeny little fluffy bits all around, use the Mi Wiper. Just like a wiper you would find on your car, this simple yet efficient idea has made it into our bathrooms.  Using the super strong sucker cups, attach your new de-steamer to the mirror and with one swift movement the blade will wipe away all that mist. Banish mirror fog from your bathroom forever and restore your clear view of your beautiful self.

Product Features

  • Rubber bladed wiper
  • Inspired by car wipers
  • Ideal for bathroom mirrors
  • Banish foggy mirrors for good
  • Shortlisted for gift of the year
  • Measures approx. 35 x 3.5 x 4cm

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