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Micro Whistle Key Finder

Helps find your beeping keys!

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Thousands of people are late every day because they can’t find their keys. Since the dawn of time (or more accurately the dawn of the lock) we have struggled to fight against their misplacement, yet no one seems to have invented anything to solve this daily dilemma once and for all.

Luckily now some genius out there has stood up for society and said no longer will we keep searching the same places over and over again. We give you, the Micro Whistle Key Finder! Simply attach the keyring to your keys and the next time they decide to play hide and seek, you’ll  be reunited quickly with much less drama. Simply give a little ‘whit woo’ and if you are within in a 10 metre range, the Micro Whistling Key Finder will start to beep, alerting you to their whereabouts and a happy ever after!

Warning: continuous whistling may attract members of the opposite sex, dogs and the occasional wild song bird!


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the best invention ever - Review by sufyan

as soon as i saw this i knew i had to buy it as i am always forgeting where i put my keys. i orderd one online and since it came through the post i am never late for work ever all i have to do is whistle and i find my keys