Mind Control Quad

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Mind Control Quad

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Product Description

So as the saying goes you can do anything if you put your mind to it, and nothing could be more apt when it comes to the Mind Control Quadcopter. This state of the art RC device uses nothing but the power of your mind to fly (oh and a fancy headset too).

Just like a normal 4 channel quadcopter there are 8 dimensions to control (up, down, left, right, forwards, backwards, bank left and bank right). The initial set up trains the quad to your brain waves covering all the dimensions 5 times. Once done you are ready to go. The state of the art headset can save up to 3 different users so you don’t need to resync every time you fly.

If you get distracted for whatever reason the quad automatically goes into a hover and waits for you to think a new command. Once you have mastered the basic commands you can then enter advanced mode which allows you to flip the quad in mid-air and perform 360 spins!

The quad generally last about 7mins before needing to recharge which is done via the USB lead provided. The headset requires 1 x AAA battery (not included).

This really is the most advanced quadcopter we have ever seen.

Product Features

  • State of the art quadcopter controlled by the power of your mind
  • Easy to programme synchronisation 
  • Save up to 3 different users in the headset 
  • Ultra stable flight thanks to the in-built gyro 
  • Flight time approx. 7mins 
  • Charge via USB Headset requires 1 x AAA (not included)

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Very Clever RED5 - Review by Joel

I realised as soon as I got the newsletter that this arrived on April the first i.e. April Fools Day along with two other 'incredible new arrivals that seem impossible and also dangerous and against health and safety laws in one case. But well done guys, this was a very clever and well-presented prank.

cannot wait - Review by simon

Just ordered this great looking device and hope this works, but just wanted to check with admins, does this device need you to possess a mind first or does it work without one, I have no mind of my own and my wife makes all the decisions for us, so if I wear it will it fly for her?