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Product Description

Have you ever wanted to control an object with your mind, to be able to transport something without even coming in to contact with it? This is not an uncommon dream and it is one that has finally become reality.

This new game is quite literally mental! Using your brain power you guide the floating ball through a course of nine obstacles or as we like to call them, ‘mental blocks’. Using the clever ‘Think Gear’ technology, the headset picks up on your brainwaves and then transmits them to the Mindflex allowing your ball to act in accordance. Concentrate and the ball rises on a cushion of air – relax and the ball descends as the fan slows down. It’s literally mind over matter!

This is where it gets techy – whenever you concentrate or even think, brainwaves are sent through your frontal lobes which is the front section of the brain and controls motor activities and sequencing. The headset uses a type of EEG (electroencephalogram) technology to read the intensity of brainwaves using the sensors placed above your left eye and on both ears. Once the Mindflex has ‘synced’ with your brain it sends a signal to the fan within the console.

Once you have mastered the art of manoeuvring your ball you’re ready to play! Turn the knob left or right to move the fan around the course and use your mind power to get the ball through the obstacles.  With five different games modes to choose from and a fully interchangeable course the possibilities are endless!

Product Features

  • Play using brain waves
  • Navigate ball through obstacle course
  • Advanced ‘ThinkGear’ technology
  • Uses a variation of EEG technology
  • Wireless headset reads intensity of brainwaves
  • Adjustable headset
  • Connects to frontal lobe
  • High concentration raises ball
  • Relax to lower ball
  • Customisable track with 9 interchangeable obstacles
  • Control knob moves fan left and right
  • Console measures approx. 36cm x 25cm x 7cm

Customer Reviews Write a Review >

Fab mindblowing - Review by Emm

This is fab! Astounds mates when they come round.

Awesome - Review by Alex

+ Nice price, cheap in comparison with other stores.
+ Fast shipping within Europe, got it in 4-5 days as promised on the site.
+ Feels really high tech with female voice giving you options to choose from and cool sounds.
+ The toy already has different game settings, sounds/time limits/flashing lights, for a couple of game challenges for up to 4 players.
+ Come up with your own game rules and tracks and you get endless possibilities.
- A bit noisy with the fan, but the ball needs move somehow:)
- Only one headset, may be a hassle to switch it with 3 other players :S

Bought it to my little brother as a birthday present (age 11) and both he and I were really pleased:]