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Mind Sword

Mind your Sword!

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Product Description

Swords are some of the coolest pieces of weaponry around and have been used in many historical and fictional battles but have you ever seen a sword that can be used by mind control? The Mind Sword is an awesome artefact not to be used lightly… who are we kidding this sword is great for impressing your friends and family and should be used as often as possible!

Lots of tricks can be performed with this sword, from levitating it to your hand to pulling it out of a bottle with the power of your mind! We won’t give the game away but it is easy to use and supercool and once you have mastered its power you won’t want to put it down. So here it is, the Mind Sword is the first sword to be used with the power of your mind. Whoever said that the pen is mightier than the sword clearly hasn’t seen this one!

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Product Features

  • Perform various tricks with the power of your mind
  • Sword lights up to channel your power
  • Tricks intuitive and easy to perform
  • Great for impressing and friends and family
  • Mind ring included
  • Instuctions included
  • Requires 2 x LR41 batteries (included)

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Blows my friends away! - Review by Hello

This is an amazing product and it is really good for the price. I am a very satisfied customer and i think this is amazing for anyone aged 9-14. It may be small, but don't get worried by the size as it holds an amazing illusion.

Definitely buying again from Red5.