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For lovers of teasers, riddles, puzzles and conundrums, grab yourself one of these books and you will be entertained for life!

Each of these books are jam packed with things to get that brain fizzing away. The top selling books have taking the world by storm with their brain boggling questions, tricks to make your friends believe you are physic and optical illusions. Each book is colourfully illustrated and small enough to carry around with you. A perfect way to pass time and get your brain cogs whirring.

Here’s one for an example: a bar owner in New York had a brother in Australia who was a solicitor but the solicitor did not have a brother in New York who was a bar owner. Why not?

Product Features

  • Clever mind boggling books
  • Get your mind going
  • Small enough to take around with you
  • Impress friends with your new brain power
  • Increases chances of easily solving future problems
  • Classic psychological tests
  • Each book measures approx. 12cm x 12cm x 2cm

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Love It - Review by Lisa

I have bought this for my boss as a birthday present and had a sneak preview of it. It's just down his street, full with mind bending puzzles. Good Fun.