Minecraft Overworld Survival Pack

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Minecraft Overworld Survival Pack

Everything you need in the Overworld

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Product Description

If you are starting off a new life in the Overworld, there are a few things you will need to get you started. A pick axe for mining, a sword for fighting off the scary things that live in the darkness, a chest to hide your items in, a workbench to work upon and of course a bed to have a snooze on. Once you have all these, you’re pretty much ready to create and customize your own world.

Luckily, this set comes with all of the above, along with a fully articulated 8cm Steve figure.  Take over the Overworld and build a castle or a den, hunt sheep, ride horses, and attack the zombies! The Minecraft Overworld Survival Pack is an ideal gift for any fan who wants to enjoy the smash hit video game in real life.

Product Features

  • Officially licensed Minecraft set
  • Everything you need to survive in the Overworld
  • Fully articulated Steve figure
  • Steve measures approx. 8cm
  • Packaging measures approx. 21cm x 24cm x 6cm


  • 1 x Steve
  • 1 x Wooden pick axe
  • 1 x Wooden sword
  • 1 x Workbench
  • 1 x Chest
  • 1 x Bed

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