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It could be said that their faces are an obstacle course for the eyes, as these poor 'beauties' have fallen from the ugly tree and hit just about every branch it has. Judging by some of them, they attempted to climb it once again and suffered exactly the same fate! They have however found a stardom that even they once may have thought impossible, as they have been immortalized as the faces of playing cards.

Now they must battle it out over who has the most potent odour, the worst style, the most unusual special skill, their rank on the ugly-o-meter, or their overall mingingness! Use their ‘unique qualities' to your advantage and you will be victorious.

How to play:
- Deal the entire pack evenly between players
- Cards must be kept hidden in the order they are dealt.
- Toss a coin to see who goes first. They must then select the first card and choose the rating they want to play out of the 5 available.
- Call out the rating and lay the card on the table face up.
- Your opponents look at the corresponding ability on their own first card and lay that card down too, again face up.
- Whoever has the highest value wins all the cards that have been played. The winner also then gets to choose the rating of the next card.
- The person who collects all the cards is the winner!

For 2 to 3 players.

Product Features

  • Unique trumps game
  • Mingers on each card
  • Highest rating wins each hand
  • Multiplayer trumps game
  • Each card - 8.8cm x 6.2cm
  • Minger Vs ugly!
  • Choose your characters special feature
  • Collect all the 'mingers' to win the game

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