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We have discovered the absolute Mecca of hipster accessories with the Mobile Phone Light.

Solving the ultimate in first world couple problems, this tiny little lightshade will provide a soothing night light without projecting an overly bright glow that will stir your beloved sleepy buddy (and if you’ve ever disturbed anyone in the middle of the night with light based shenanigans you’ll know that this is no joke). This handy phone accessory simply clips onto your handset and provides a vibrant glow from your flashlight setting. Now you can avoid any relationship mishaps, and settle down to read while your partner happily snoozes the night away without the slightest amount of disturbance. Blissful!

So whether you have a friendly family of borrowers that need a dinner table or you simply can’t resist something so miniature, this endearing little light has the undeniable cute factor that makes it impossible to ignore. 

Product Features

  • Super tiny phone light
  • Clips over any size mobile phone
  • Miniature lightshade
  • Simply use your flashlight setting
  • Projects a soft light - perfect for late reading
  • No batteries required

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