Money Tins

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Money Tins

Instant fines for naughty crimes

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Some people can be so rude, effing and blinding like there’s no tomorrow. These tins are here to try and get those people out of their bad habits.

Each of these metal tins are a safe and secure place to keep their loose change. Each time they throw a paddy or make a swear, they can throw a coin in the pot. A guide of fines is on the back to make sure they never forget how much they owe the tin. If you are in fact, a good little egg then the Beer Fund Tin may be for you. Save your shrapnel up for that much needed after work refreshment.

Each tin comes with a padlock and two keys so you can make sure the right amount of money is inside without anyone taking their five finger discount.

Product Features

  • Novelty metal money tins
  • Perfect way to save your pennies
  • Punish their crimes
  • Save up for beers
  • One padlock and two keys included
  • Tins measure approx. 11cm x 8cm

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