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Moustache Straws

For the follicly challenged

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Product Description

The moustache is a universal symbol of pride, power and pure masculinity and there’s nothing like a well maintained tash to woo the heart of your fair lady/man. Some men are lucky enough to be blessed with a hairy caterpillar on their upper lips - Leaving (most) females, or males that just can’t grow one, saddened and ashamed. But with every problem there’s always a solution… Hello moustache straws, welcome to our world!

A straw and a moustache mixed together. What more could you possibly ask for?! The moustache straws are so cool; your drink may actually freeze! With a selection of 5 different nose ticklers, from the legendary Handlebar to the sinister Devil, there’s no excuse to have a bare face. So either get hairy, or buy this product. Your choice big guy.

Product Features

  • 5 Different moustaches
  • 5 Drinking straws
  • Make parties more fun
  • Reusable
  • Clips onto most straws
  • For the follicly challenged

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'tache dictators! - Review by mike

Well, I bought these to add a little 'je ne sais quoi' to a party I threw... When combined with an appropriate drinking game of your choice, these will go down a storm!

I do think they should have been entitled 'Megalomaniac Moustache Straws', however, as anybody who dons one of these will (after a few drinks) start impersonating 20th century dictators. Or is that just my odd circle of friends?

Of course, given that usage the set does lack the small, square moustache, but I guess that would be beyond all pretensions of good taste?

Anyway, good fun! :)

perfect present - Review by maddie

i bought these for my friend for her birthday and she loves them, but i got jealous so went back and bought a set for myself too