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Mr. Pug

Who let the dogs out?

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Product Description

Tired of everyday life? Wake up, go to work, leave work and go back to bed. Nothing new or exciting ever seems to pop up. Now with the Mr Pug mask you can be as happy as a dog with two tails.

The Mr Pug mask is designed to transform you from a run of the mill mongrel to a pedigree superstar in seconds. Throw on the plush faux fur mask and become the doggy diva you deserve to be. Mr Pug comes with mesh eyes so you can clearly see where you are going with a cushioned chin brace. What makes this animal mask stand out from the rest is all in the way it talks. Everytime you speak the pugs mouth will move in sync with your mouth making this scary mask even more realistic! Whether you bark, shout, or howl, it will look like the voice is coming from the pug and not you! 

We tested Mr Pug in our office and had mixed results. Some people laughed, some people cried and some ran away in fear! So while some people will find this a hilarious mask, others will think its a thing belonging only in nightmares.

Please note: no pugs were harmed during the making of Mr Pug.

Product Features

  • Hilarious realistic pug mask
  • Made with plush faux fur
  • Super soft feel
  • Cushioned chin brace
  • Moving mouth
  • Mesh eyes for clear visibility
  • Sturdy construction
  • One size fits all

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