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Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

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Hidden in the shadows of a deep and dark forest lies Mr. Wolf, an intimidating and scary beast. Mr Wolf had no trouble in blowing down the last house of the three little pigs, he ate the boy who cried wolf and lets not get into what happened to Grandma. Now Mr. Wolf has made his way into our stores and is ready to give your friends and family a fright.

This costume head is made from plush faux fur so it feels just like the fur from a real wolf (or so we imagine having never touched a wolf). With mesh eyes you can see your victims clearly before you pounce on them and the cushioned chin strap allows for a comfortable fit. What makes this animal mask stand out from the rest is all in the way it talks. Everytime you speak the wolf's mouth will move in sync with your mouth making this scary mask even more realistic! Whether you bark, shout, or howl, it will look like the voice is coming from the wolf and not you! 

Please note: No wolves were harmed in the making of the Mr. Wolf mask, unfortunately, we cant say the same for Grandma.

Product Features

  • Scary and realistic wolf mask
  • Plush faux fur
  • Cushioned chin strap
  • Moving mouth
  • Mr Wolf’s mouth moves when yours does
  • Mesh eyes for clear visibility
  • Sturdy construction
  • One size fits all

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What's the time Mr Wolf? - Review by Jacy Woolsey

Despite the box stating "Mr Fox", this is a really cool wolf mask. Well made and easy to wear it doesn't disappoint (although initially, due to the price, for some reason I was looking for where to put the batteries - then realised that the mouth moves due to the chin strap and not due to electronics!). The faux fur is quality and the mesh eyes are easy to see out of and suitably creepy. Wearing this makes you super scary when you creep up to your loved ones and roar at them as they turn round!! A brilliant and much loved Christmas present......would have got five stars but the plastic inside the mouth squeaks as you talk and is a little annoying! Plenty of detail though making up for the high price tag. Worth it though - a quality mask!!!!