Munkees Carabineer LED

3 tools in 1

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Product Description

Forget loading your key chain up with a truck load of tools and torches, just take the Munkees Carabineer LED out with you. This handy piece of kit contains three useful tools that become useful in most situations. A carabineer that you can easily attach to your jeans or bag, a bright LED torch to show you the way and a bottle opener, simply because everything is better with a bottle opener.

So if you’ve ever been out and about in the dark and needed to keep your bits and bobs securely together whilst opening a bottle then this is the tool for you!

Product Features

  • 3 handy tools in 1
  • Clip carabineer
  • Bright LED torch
  • Press and hold torch function
  • Bottle opener
  • Measures approx. 7cm x 4cm x 1cm

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