Mystery Mini The Walking Dead (Series 2)

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Mystery Mini The Walking Dead (Series 2)

The scariest show on telly

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Product Description

You won’t a find another TV show that is quite as scary as The Walking Dead. While the characters try to survive the zombie apocalypse, we hide behind cushions and squeal like little girls.

If you are one of the braver kinds of Walking Dead fans then this Mystery Mini blind box is perfect for you. Each and every box comes sealed with a secret figure waiting on the inside. Maybe it’s a walker, maybe its Rick Grimes, who knows? Some figures are more common than others, the blood splattered ones being more rare, and one with glow in the dark abilities thrown into the mix.

Product Features

  • Licensed Walking Dead collectibles
  • Sealed blind boxes
  • Cute cartoon style
  • Rare and glow in the dark versions included
  • Each measures approx. 8cm tall


1 Character per box

  • Angry Michonne 2/24
  • Michonne 2/24
  • Michonne - Blood Spatter Variation 1/144
  • Michonne's Pet 1 2/24
  • Michonne's Pet 2 2/24
  • Burned Walker 2/24
  • Burned Walker - Orange Translucent 1/72
  • Daryl Dixon 2/24
  • Daryl Dixon - Blood Spatter Variation 1/72
  • One-Eye Walker 2/24
  • One-Eye Walker - Glow Variation 2/24
  • Rick Grimes 2/24
  • Carl Grimes 2/24
  • Jawless Walker 2/24
  • Philip Blake 2/24
  • Philip Blake - Blood Spatter Variation 1/144

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