Mystery Mini The Walking Dead (Series 3)

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Mystery Mini The Walking Dead (Series 3)

Little box of horror

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Product Description

The Walking Dead has been a series that we have all grown to love, from its zombie killing nuances to its killing of our favourite characters in horrible and shocking ways!

If you’re a fan of the show then these little boxes of joy will be right up your street. Sealed with mystery there is a surprise in every box, Rick, Glenn, Daryl and even a headless Hershel can be found inside. Blood splattered versions of the fan favourites and also a glow in the dark walker are the rarities this season, will you be lucky enough to find them?

Product Features

  • Officially licensed Walking Dead collectibles
  • Random mini vinyl figure in each sealed box
  • Rare glow and blood-spattered versions up for grabs
  • Each measures approx. 8cm tall


1 Character per box:

  • Rick Grimes 1/12
  • Daryl Dixon 1/12
  • Tyreese Williams 1/12
  • Hershel Greene 1/12
  • Glenn Rhee 1/12
  • Maggie Greene 1/12
  • Walker Clara 1/12
  • Impaled Walker 1/12
  • Brain-exposed Walker 1/12
  • Carol Peletier 1/24
  • Abraham Ford 1/24
  • Bloody Daryl 1/24
  • Daryl’s Chopper 1/24
  • Bloody Tyreese 1/36
  • Glow in the dark Impaled Walker 1/36
  • Bloody Glenn 1/72
  • Headless Hershel 1/72

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