Nano UFO Flyer

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Nano UFO Flyer

Great for beginners

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Product Description

You'll find that kids always know best. No matter how much you tell them that the helicopter they want is still a bit too tricky, they are adamant they can do it. Seconds later you'll always find the helicopter hurtling full speed towards the ceiling, bouncing off the light and careering towards the TV (still on full power!) as they frantically move all the levers!

The Nano UFO Flyer is a great way to keep the younger ones pleased, as it is much easier to fly than a traditional remote control helicopter. You simply control the height of the......thingy, and it is extremely durable.

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Product Features

  • Easy to fly, great for younger pilots
  • 1-channel rc helicopter (only goes up and down)
  • Internal LEDs
  • A beginners helicopter
  • Very easy to control
  • Extremely durable

Technical Specifications

  • A 20-25min charge gives a flying time of 10mins (it charges from the remote control)
  • Infra-red control
  • Requires 4 x AAA batteries


  • 1 x control handset/charger
  • 1 x Nano UFO unit

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Excellent beginner drone - Review by Trevor

I got this as a birthday present from a friend and I was instantly hooked. It's actually very addictive. I managed to get the hang of flying it only after a few tries. The trick is to throttle full up quickly to get it into the air and then cut back slightly to get it to hover. At one point I managed to get it to hover in one spot for quite a while. I was even able to put down the remote control and just sit there watching it hover. It's really amazing how they squeeze all that high tech into such a tiny space. I highly recommend this. It's really a lot of fun. I tried using it outside but it 'ran away' from me. It seems that when the saucer goes out of range of the controller, it seems to throttle up and literally fly away then crash rapidly and so I would probably recommend it only for indoors or maybe out in a big park on a calm day.

WOW..... - Review by Elizabeth

This is a great present for all, we had great fun with it.

Jake - Review by Jake

Brilliant UFO very addictive! One small problem the tiny white connectors that hold the top blade and the balance bar together came off and I have lost them so if you have any spare parts for the connectors please let me know. Overall good product just needs spare parts.

RED5 says: "Glad you like your Nano UFO Jake :) If you contact customer services they should be able to help."

the worst - Review by shakib

the worst i got it then when i played it it broke into pieces it was such a rip off do not buy i am a customer who is not satisfied with this purchase.

Fantastic - Review by michelle

I bought this as a christmas present for my 6 year old son and he loves it. I dont think he even put it down unless its being re-charged. His step dad loves the helicopters and my boy is still to young for big boys toys so this was ideal.
Great value for money with the ammout of hours of fun they can have and all the laugher when it crashes into people. Would definatley recomened this for any hypser active 6 year old.

Simple but annoying addictive! - Review by Christopher

Got this from my wife for Xmas after seeing in store. Had to wait for the dog to settle before adding batteries to remote and charging, then let it rip.

Very fun - simple as only goes up, and down - but within minute you can have it hovering at the right height then 'bounce' it from ceiling to floor - or just mid air.

Unfortunately the dog heard the motor whine so came to have a look - then tried to catch it. Seems to have a constantly flashing red light indicating operation but can turn on/off a pulsating set of lights via remote - so nice light show in the dark!

Recommend for young and old alike - rest of my family couldn't stop watching this thing hovering round the room!

Really fun! - Review by Kieran Glendon

I got one of these for a Boxing Day present and, I must say, is extremely addictively fun. Even though it only goes up and down it is extremely hard to put down. I LOVE IT