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Naughty Gnomes

Grumpy garden gnomes


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Unlike most gnomes, these will not be politely greeting guests that enter your garden. Instead they will be trying their very best to get rid of everyone as quickly as possible.

If it wasn’t for their angry faces, machine guns or rude signs telling you where to go you would probably think they were just your standard gnomes. But no, these are some fearsome garden protectors and they don’t want you looking at them! Each gnome has his own anger issue, some just don’t like people, and some favour heavy artillery than making friends wheras some have some serious problems with Flamingos! Standing at around 25cm tall these Naughty Gnomes can add a bit of hatred and humour to your garden.

Product Features

  • Rude gnomes
  • They do not enjoy your company
  • Each has own anger issues
  • Angry gnome enjoys scarface and machine guns too much
  • Go Away gnome just doesn’t like people
  • Butcher gnome wants to be alone at all costs
  • Each measures approx 25cm tall

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