Nerf Bandolier Kit

Extra ammo in the field

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Product Description

When you’re in the middle of an ambush, you don’t want to run out of ammo halfway through and there’s only so many darts you can stuff into each and every pocket.

The Bandolier Kit allows you to take 36 extra darts into battle in the form of a cool bandolier. The adjustable strap sits over one shoulder with the refills on the front for easy reloading. Included with the kit are 2 x quick reload clips and 12 x elite darts which are suitable for use with any Elite Blaster and most original N-STRIKE blasters such as the Jolt or RoughCut. Each quick reload clip can hold 6 darts, and with room for 4 clips along the bandolier as well as 12 elite darts, you can carry an extra 36 darts onto the field so that you are fully equipped and ready for action.

Product Features

  • Bandolier to carry extra ammo
  • 2 x Quick reload clips
  • 12 x Elite darts
  • Adjustable bandolier strap
  • Have up to 36 extra darts!
  • Compatible with any Elite blaster and most original N-STRIKE blasters

Bandolier can carry;

  • 4 x Quick reload clips
  • 12 x Elite darts

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