Nerf Raider Rapid Fire CS35

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Nerf Raider Rapid Fire CS35

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Product Description

Let’s face it, toy guns are awesome fun no matter how old you are (if you don’t believe us check out the Office Wars video on our RED5stores Youtube page)! After extensive research by shooting our MD repeatedly we’ve come to the conclusion that the Raider CS-35 is our all-round favourite of all the Nerf guns. It holds the most ammo, it’s rapid-fire and most importantly you get a lot of gun for your money!

The drum magazine included holds up to 35 squidgy foam darts so you should be the last man standing when everyone else is still reloading. The clip also features a clear window so you can tell when you’re getting low on ammo and plan your battle strategy accordingly.

The pump-action handle lets you adjust your rate of fire; either choose your shots carefully or dash in guns blazing with the semi-automatic rapid-fire mode. The Raider also has an adjustable shoulder stock so you can easily fit the gun to your frame no matter how small or tall you are.

If, like us you’ve lost all your darts (most of our darts are lost in the car park somewhere) then never fear – you can find a refill pack for sale here too!

Please note: no Managing Directors were harmed in the testing of this product.

Product Features

  • Rapid firing
  • Fires soft squidgy foam darts
  • Highest ammo capacity yet
  • Drum magazine holds 35 darts
  • Adjustable shoulder stock
  • Tactical rail compatible with Nerf accessories
  • Compatible with the Flip Clip refill
  • Spare darts available
  • Measures approx. 69cm x 18cm x 27cm


  • 1 x Nerf Raider gun
  • 35 x foam darts
  • 1 x drum magazine

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